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SMS Studio a SMS Content

Do you have a great idea for your business? Want to promote something? Or are you simply looking for a way to engage with your customers?

Our SMS Studio service might just be what youa’re looking for. Sign up today, get an account and start building your own SMS promotions.

Whether it be a simple text reply on a keyword, a lottery promotion or something completely custom we provide you with a short code and the support you need, contact us and leta’s get your SMS promotions rolling. With instant reporting and monitoring youa’re all ways in the know and in control.

KeV.Store a' Online marketplace

Want to join the digital marketplace or grow your own online business, but dona’t have a lot of time and money to invest in setting up a web shop?

Then KeV is just what you need!

Sign up for a merchant account and you can start selling your products and services today. Growing your online business and earning money from the comfort of your home.

No more dealing with the overhead costs of traditional businesses:

    • no physical location
    • no personnel
    • no closing time

Already have a traditional brick & mortar store?

No problem, get a KeV merchant account and add an extra sales channel to your business!

With an uptime of 99.9% we make sure your business runs 24 x 7.

ICT Consultancy

We provide consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Cyber Security
  • ICT management

Services & Products

Payment Gateway

i-Debit, our online payment solution is engineered with security, anti-fraud and ease of integration in mind. i-Debit can be set up to accept any debit or credit card and route transactions to any acquirer. Our REST API interface takes care of merchant interfacing.

Want to see i-Debit in action?

The first online payment service in Suriname.

Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale Solutions (EFT-POS)

Our All-In-One EFT solution takes care of:

    • Terminal management (Terminal vendor PAX)
    • Key management
    • Remote key loading
    • Remote software operations

POS concentrator

All features are provided in a single server appliance custom built to fit your environment and customer base. The All-In-One EFT-POS appliance can be engineered to interface with any POS capable host (Euronet, Bevertec etc.)

PAX EFT-POS Terminals

PAX Technology is the world’s leading provider of secure electronic payment terminal solutions, including Android terminals and MPOS. PAX Technology has manufacturing, research and development facilities in China and produce a full portfolio of payment terminals used by merchants worldwide.

We provide the following PAX models:

  • S80 – Countertop model (LAN/WIFI)
  • S90 – Mobile model (3G/GPRS)
  • SP20 V4 – Pinpad
  • S800 – Countertop model (3G/LAN/WIFI, Contactless & NFC)
  • S900 – Mobile model (3G/GPRS, Contactless & NFC)

All terminals are PCI certified and support Contactless, Chip & Magstripe.


Entry level to executive level HTEK VoIP phones for Small Medium Business (SMB), Government and Enterprise, and Telecom Providers.

We provide the following models:

  • UC903 (Classic IP phone, no color LCD)
  • UC923 (Executive IP phone, color LCD, 5-way conference)
  • UC924 (Executive IP phone, color LCD, 5-way conference)
  • UC926 (Executive IP phone, color LCD, 5-way conference)
ANKKEA Video Surveillance

ANNKEA has cultivated a complete and state-of-the-art product line of video security equipment. It is a world-leading brand of video security products. Designed with the latest security technology, their products are simultaneously affordable and user-friendly for both home and business applications.

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